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Get Super Fast Bike Parcel Service in Noida

Are you searching for a bike parcel service which you can trust upon for your business delivery? Then, now you don’t need to search tirelessly to search the “nearest courier service near me”. The reason is MOVER, which is the best bike courier service among all the delivery apps available in Noida. MOVER courier services in Noida are fast and reliable with options of same day delivery courier service or one day delivery courier. So, now book home pickup courier service from MOVER, the cheapest courier service in India using our mobile app with a few taps. MOVER same day delivery courier service is delivered by MOVER bike delivery partners whose efficient operations and our best technology make sure that you get the best courier services in Noida.

MOVER: Same Day Delivery Courier Service

Want to send a parcel or want to receive a parcel? MOVER couriers is the same day delivery courier service which is the cheapest courier service in india. So now, no need to spend hours to find courier services in Noida as you have got the fast parcel service using which you can schedule home pickup from MOVER courier service. So even if you don't know how to courier a parcel or how to send a parcel, don't worry, MOVER fast parcel service will take care of everything. Thanks to our huge pool of MOVER delivery partners, MOVER package delivery will do same day parcel delivery whether you want to send a parcel by courier or want to avail the bike courier service.


Fast and Professional Courier Services in Noida

Need a fast and reliable way to send a package? MOVER is a one-stop shop for all your delivery needs! We connect you with a network of trusted, fast and professional MOVER couriers in your area, including bike courier services for smaller items. Whether you live in cities like Delhi or Gurgaon, MOVER app offers all kinds of courier delivery options including but limited to home pickup, cash on delivery, and same-day delivery options. Why to search "how to courier a parcel" or "how to send a package by courier" or even "how to courier a parcel in India" when finding a top class, fast and professional courier service has never been so easy with MOVER couriers. Think of MOVER, whenever you want to send a parcel or receiver a courier in Noida or nearby Noida.

MOVER Advantages


We Deliver Fast!

Avail Super fast parcel shipping using MOVER mobile app and spend more time on other important tasks.


Cheap Courier Service

Super light on your pocket! Parcel and courier delivery which is the best courier service in Noida. Promise!

tracking solutions

Track Package in Real Time

Send parcel by MOVER courier and keep an eye on real live tracking of the package using MOVER app.


API Available

Unlike other nearest courier services near you, we offer API integration with your website or app to facilitate seamless delivery experience for your customers.

Delivering Same day Delivery Courier Service in India!

Whether you want to book a nearby courier in Delhi or send parcel by courier in Gurgaon, we are serving all major cities including Delhi NCR (Gurgaon, Noida, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Sonipat, Manesar), Bengaluru, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune. We will soon expand our parcel courier service in Kolkata, Surat,Bhopal, Coimbatore, Indore, Nagpur, Chandigarh, Lucknow, Vadodara, Ludhiana, Kochi, Nashik, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, and Kanpur. Enjoy seamless home pickup courier service with bike courier service or mini truck delivery of lots of parcels. Think of MOVER in case of any kind of same day courier service across India, be it for individuals or business purposes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is MOVER bike parcel service?

MOVER bike parcel service or bike courier service is one of the offerings which MOVER app has. Using bike parcel service, any one can book a bike to deliver their goods upto 20 kg within the size limit. It's a great way to quickly send small items which are too small to be delivered via mini truck or 3 wheelers and hence MOVER bike parcel delivery services is the best for such use cases.

2. Where can I find nearby courier services in the MOVER app?

In the MOVER app, you just need to enter pickup location and drop location and you will be able to locate the nearest courier service to your location and upon booking it, within a few minutes the delivery partner will come and collect the package. In case the items need packaging, you need to inform us in the advance so that we can arrange a packaging resource for you. This packaging addon will have additional charges applied to your final bill for your home pickup courier service in Noida.

3. What type of courier services are available in Noida on MOVER app?

In Noida, various courier services are available on MOVER app, including same-day delivery, one-day delivery, bike courier services, and home pickup services. MOVER, one of the popular delivery apps in Noida can help you find a variety of courier services, including fast parcel service, cash on delivery options, and same-day delivery services.

4. How can I send a parcel using MOVER courier service?

To send a parcel using a courier service like MOVER app, you need to:
  1. Pack your parcel properly.
  2. Book Courier on MOVER app.
  3. Fill out the necessary details, including the recipient's address.
  4. Schedule a pickup or drop off the parcel at the courier's office.
  5. Using the above steps, you can book a package pickup service using the MOVER app.

5. What parcel types can we get delivered in Noida using the MOVER app?

You can send any items except the restricted items like cash, jewellery, drugs, etc. We also don't offer courier delivery service for electronic or fragile goods. Items which are allowed include, but are not limited to, documents, books and stationery, gifts, and other personal items. Please see below as we have covered most of the parcel types in Delhi that can be delivered using the MOVER app:

  • KFC Delivery in Noida
  • Chocolate Delivery in Noida
  • Food Delivery in Noida
  • Medicine Delivery in Noida
  • Grocery Delivery in Noida
  • Vegetable Delivery in Noida
  • Best Online Flower Delivery in Noida
  • Quick and Easy Documents Delivery in Noida
  • McDonald’s Delivery in Noida
  • Gift Delivery in Noida
  • Meat Delivery in Noida
  • Ice Cream Delivery in Noida
  • Burger King Delivery in Noida
  • Milk Delivery in Noida

6. Does MOVER offer tracking for courier services shipments?

Absolutely! You can always track your package to know the real time status of the courier in the MOVER app.. Alternatively you also check the status of your parcel on the MOVER website as well.

7. My package is not packed and I don't know how to pack it properly. Can you do it?

Yes, We at MOVER are packaging experts and it's fine if you don't know how to pack the parcel item. One of our team members from the packaging department will be assigned prior to the pickup of the courier. Please note that packaging cost will be extra to the courier delivery charges.

8. What should I do if my parcel or courier gets lost or damaged during transit?

MOVER courier services are one of the top rated parcel delivery apps and hence you don't have to worry about the safety of your parcel. MOVER intracity and intercity parcel or courier delivery will have an option to avail the complementary insurance worth INR 2000 from ICICI Lombard General Insurance. Also, you can top up to increase the sum assured by paying extra.

9. How do I send a package with cash on delivery in the MOVER app?

MOVER app supports cash on delivery as one of the payment methods and you just need to select CASH as the payment type before you confirm an order and MOVER delivery courier person will collect the payment from the recipient after delivery.

10. How do you decide the cost of using a courier service?

The cost of a courier service depends on lots of factors including but not limited to distance, package size, weight, delivery speed, and additional services like packaging, late pickup or so We are proud to say that we can offer customised solutions to our customer which other delivery apps in Noida won't be able to do given the kind of expertise and flexibility we have in the shipment operations.

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